Husqvarna’s World Class Product Development

Husqvarna’s popular products are known worldwide for their reliable performance and high quality build, the result of a development process out of the ordinary.

Besides being developed by engineers that are devoted users themselves, all products are continuously and rigorously tested before reaching the market. By co-workers, professionals – and even world-class logging athletes like Hugo van Bijsterveldt.

The First Husqvarna

Ever since the launch of the first Husqvarna outdoor product, the famous lawnmower from 1918, research and development has been a top priority at the Forest & Garden division. And, as it is sometimes difficult for everyday users to pinpoint areas that can be improved, Husqvarna developers spend almost as much time in the field as they do behind the drawing board.

“We put a huge amount of time and effort into truly understanding our users’ environment and their daily challenges. For instance: How does someone move, stand or squat down while using their chainsaw? By carefully observing professionals in action we are able to construct extraordinary products that work with the body and take advantage of intuitive ways of working. One apparent example is our exterior chainsaw design that facilitates supporting the saw with your leg. And, as many of our pro features end up in other products later on, non-pro consumers certainly benefit from this as well,” says Pär Martinsson, Research and Development Manager Electric at Husqvarna.

In other words: to design the best possible outdoor products, one needs to learn from experienced professional users. Or, is there perhaps someone else that might be even more of an expert? That was the question Husqvarna asked when getting ready to implement the new felling marks on their professional chainsaw range.

The answer? A professional – that also competes at a world-class level.

World Logging Championships

Every other year, professional loggers from all over the world compete in the “World Logging Championship” to find out who is the very best craftsman. The contest is made up of five different disciplines – out of which one happens to be precision felling. In 2006, Dutch logger Hugo van Bijsterveldt finished just shy of the gold medal and went on to assist Husqvarna in developing the now standardised felling marks. These were initially only available on all pro model chainsaws but it didn’t take long before they were implemented on all models.

“I participated in developing the 560XP, and in particular the placement of the felling marks on the side of the chainsaw. When cutting down a tree these marks are used to aim as you crouch down to make the top cut. And, if positioned correctly they enable users to choose exactly where to put the tree. In order to get that millimetre precision, lasers were attached to my chainsaw, which were then synchronised with where the tree would land. It doesn’t get more high-tech than that,” says Hugo van Bijsterveldt.

So the next time you get ready to fell a tree with a Husqvarna chainsaw – take a moment to appreciate that world-class precision cut.

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