Appreciating the Fine Points of The DMM Nexus 1

Expect smooth action, high performance, and fully retrofittable parts.

Let’s take a look at the DMM Nexus 1

One of three available configurations, the DMM Nexus 1 is a reliable, modular system that allows for complex rigging set ups.

So smooth, you gotta have it.

DMM’s Nexus 1 is a strong, high performance shackle swivel built with two removable shackles, one small D shackle and one large bow shackle.

Manage torsion efficiently with the DMM Nexus 1

A dream to work with, this makes it easy to connect to fixed eyes on both ends to deliver a rotational element that truly doesn’t take up much height in a system compared to most connectors. Use it to connect to fixed loops such as harness bridges, wire strops, and rigging plates.

The inline attachments are kept neat and predictable with the small D shaped shackle the increased size of the bow-shaped shackle allows more complex set ups by catering for loading across the shackle.

The DMM Nexus 1 is perfect for professional users and arborists, with a great set of specifications and features at your disposal:

  • ‘Textile friendly’
  • Hot forged aluminium shackles and CNC’d swivels
  • User maintainable grease port for bearing longevity
  • Double locking high tensile stainless steel axles for durability
  • Roller thrust bearings for smooth efficiency
  • Shackle uses 4mm and 2mm Allen keys to ensure secure locking
  • MBS – 26kN
  • WLL – 3kN
  • CE marked

Click here to add this great swivel to your system and enjoy the smooth efficiency of the DMM Nexus 1.