Must Have: The Teufelberger ropeBUCKET/kitBAG

Stacking up solutions with transport and storage bags that are extremely robust! Convenient and unique—there’s a Teufelberger ropeBUCKET/kitBAG combo for you. Here’s a carrying, transport, and storage bag kit for you. Crafted from the same material as the proven Teufelberger treeMOTION harnesses, the ropeBUCKET/kitBAG are very strong and sturdy – supporting and transporting weights of […]

Enjoy more versatility and better efficiency with the DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe

Great for reducing friction in rigging, during improvised rescues, and compact mechanical advantage systems. The DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe is versatile, tough, and extremely flexible. Made of lightweight Aluminum (yet extra tough and sturdy), the Revolver Rig is an innovative pulley-and-wheel connector rated for heavy loads. This new karabiner equipped with its pulley system is much larger […]

The treeMOTION EVO Ushers in New Performance Features

ALERT: The Teufelberger TreeMOTION EVO Arborist Harness is available for PREORDER! Teufelberger releases the next evolution of the treeMOTION Harness GREAT NEWS: Teufelberger has released a brand new, state-of-the-art harness that you can preorder today! The Teufelberger treeMOTION has truly become one of the most popular climbing harnesses in the world of tree care. Representing high quality […]

Smooth Operator: Learn why the Petzl ZigZag Mechanical Prusik is your next best investment.

Arborists are raving about how easy, smooth, and intuitive this climbing tool is!  Climb with confidence and ease with the Petzl ZigZag Mechanical Prusik Make rope climbing and limb walking a breeze by getting the best tool to add to your climbers’ bag of tricks! Touted as one of the best mechanical prusiks for tree […]