Arborist Information & Demonstration Event


Join us at this exclusive Arborist Information & Demonstration Event!

Be among the first to see Husqvarna’s technological advancements designed to supercharge your business!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018
The Redshed Arbormaster
4 Scoresby Road, Bayswater
Begins 4.30pm

Technology is changing the world we live and work in.

Arbormaster is delighted to invite you to an​ Information and Demonstration Event ​to bring you up to date with ​Husqvarna’s​ recent technological advancements.

Husqvarna’s use of Technology means products have been created like never before. These products offer you tools that will increase your productivity and safety in the workplace.

Also, Husqvarna’s industry leading ​online product induction program​ helps ensure you are fulfilling your workplace OH&S obligations with minimal effort.

Husqvarna is also set to release ​Fleet management technologies​ that will be available to you soon and will allow you to manage your workplace in ways you have never dreamt of.

During the evening you will hear from 3 expert speakers and view interactive demonstrations:

  1. Listen to World Champion ​Arborist Kiah Martin ​and her experiences with Husqvarna’s newly released commercial “Better cutting capacity” 572XP chainsaw and Husqvarna’s recently launched cutting edge Chainsaw Chain. Independent research has put this state of the art chainsaw up against the MS462 on the same spruce log and found a 27% faster cut. Find out why during the evening.
    Kia will also demonstrate Husqvarna battery products up against petrol products. You will be able to judge the performances for yourself.
  2. Husqvarna’s​ Andrew Triffitt​ will introduce you to both Husqvarna’s fleet management and the Online Induction programs. These programs will change the way Arbor businesses will operate in the future.
  3. Ben Brown​, Manager of The RedShed and Arbormaster’s professional divisions will take you through Arbormaster’s discount structure for commercial operators and explain the savings it can offer you and your business.

*** We will also have ​prizes ​and ​special offers ​to help make this evening a very worthwhile event to attend. ***

And there is more !!

Coffee and Refreshments will also be provided during the evening.

So how will the evening work?

  • Arrive ​Tuesday 21st August between 4.30pm – 5pm ​for ​Registration & Refreshments
  • 5pm to 6.15 ​you will be rotated through​ 3 product demonstration and education stations
  • 6.30pm​ Networking & Informal question time with ​Pizza and Refreshments provided.

Please RSVP to assist us with Catering and Planning for the night:

  1. Call The Red Shed / Arbormaster on 1300 136 572 or
  2. Reply via email to
  3. Drop into the Bayswater Store & let us know you are attending!

We look forward to seeing you there !