Breakthrough Product: Sterling Scion 11.5mm Blue 46m

One of the best performing arbor access lines today.
The 11.5 mm Scion is a high-strength, low-elongation climbing line ideal for Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) and Single Rope Technique (SRS).


Are you still in search of a great climbing rope? Consider the Sterling Scion 11.5mm Blue 46m SET your best candidate!

Such an essential, integral tool to your important climbs. Capital Safety’s Rollgliss™ rescue family of products have been designed and created to be long-lasting, and perform splendidly in extreme conditions.

The Scion’s ability to absorb dynamic forces makes it ideal for MRS and SRS climbing techniques.

Measuring at 11.5 mm, the Scion is crafted as a double-braid rope that features a strong and burly polyester 24-strand sheath. The material and build has been designed and engineered so that this rope keeps decreased elongation, is easy to knot, and tends to soft handling.  

The durable sheath is designed to handle mechanical devices and run efficiently through hardware. The Scion can be hand-spliced and is also available with sewn terminations.

The Sterling Scion 11.5mm Blue 46m SET runs extremely smooth through gear and contends with flattening with heavy use. This climbing line assumes perfect service as an access line or positioning line. This sturdy and efficient rope’s design has been inspired by the supple construction of another favourite, the Tendril Climbing Line.

The Scion is certified and meets CE EN 1891 Type A and ANSI Z133 requirements.

Climb easily and safely with a line that absorbs impact forces in a dynamic event or fall. The Scion is also available in green or orange, and you can choose to purchase 120, 150, 200, and 600-foot lengths. Further customise based on your unique requirements by choosing sewn terminations in 125, 150, and 200-foot lengths. 

The Scion’s superior strength, balanced handling, and tight sheath let it integrate seamlessly with friction hitches and mechanical devices. Arborists now have an extremely durable, fully-certified, go-to climbing line.

Sam Morton, Sterling’s Sales Director

Take a look at the Sterling Scion 11.5mm Blue 46m SET in detail:

  • Diameter (mm): 11.5
  • Weight (lb/100′): 6.1
  • MBS Rating (lb): 5,417 (24.1 kN)
  • Elongation at 300 lb (%): 4.0
  • Sewn Eye MBS (lb/kN): 4,608/20.5
  • Sewn Eye MBS (kN): 20.5
  • SWL (10:1) (lb): 541
  • EN 1891: Type A
  • Certifications: ANSI Z133

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