Built to Last: The ExPlorer™ Ergonomic Left Hand Ascender

Specially designed for team rescue operations, peer rescue, emergency escape, rope access, or specialized rope work to suit a variety of industrial applications.
Use this with your 10.5-13mm kernmantle rope.

Such an essential, integral tool to your important climbs. Capital Safety’s Rollgliss™ rescue family of products have been designed and created to be long-lasting, and perform splendidly in extreme conditions.

The ExPlorer™ Ergonomic Left Hand Ascender weighs 0.4 kg and measures 207.00×85.00xmm

DBI-SALA®’s manual, handheld ascender is for use with your climbing or rescue harness. Look no further when you need to create a dependable, versatile, high performance, and efficient ascent system. that utilises a locking cam for ascending rope lifelines

This hand ascender boasts of high strength Aluminum construction

These are rescue products made for work, not play. The ExPlorer™ Ergonomic Left Hand Ascender also guarantees and supports the security of any and all individuals who endeavours to protect and save others. Risk is minimised–this tool is equipped with a locking cam for ascending rope lifelines.

The ExPlorer™ Ergonomic Left Hand Ascender was born in the mines, raised on drilling rigs, and offer you these functional benefits:

  • Manually controlled ascent device: The handheld ascender is used in combination with your climbing or rescue harness to create a high performance, versatile and efficient ascent system that utilises a locking cam for ascending rope lifelines
  • Ergonomic design: The hand ascender is ergonomically shaped and includes a comfort grip handle for added ease of use in a variety of conditions and ascents
  • Multiple rigging points: Features 4 rigging points, two at the top and two at the bottom for organising your lines and the attachment of connecting devices such as carabiners, lanyards, foot loops and other equipment to create a diverse range of effective and safe ascent systems.
  • Ideal for positioning operations: Due to the unique cam design and pick configuration the ascenders protect the rope from “de-sheathing”, where the cam strips the outer sheath of the kernmantle rope, making this ascender suitable for positioning operations and as a load point on a rope.
  • Non-invasive cam teeth: The cam features a series of specially designed stainless steel investment cast teeth (grip points), these protrusions grip the rope without damaging the sheath while allowing it to naturally feed through the device in one direction only, holding the line
  • Easy one handed cam operation: Trigger style cam latch allows for easy one-handed installation and removal of the ascender
  • Designed for left handed use: Specially configured for left handed use, models constructed for right handed use also available
  • Self cleaning cam: Cam features self cleaning holes to remove mud and/or ice from the rope while climbing for added safety
  • Integrated safety catch: Prevents the cam from opening too far, ensuring the rope remains captured during use for added safety and security
  • Suits 10.5-13mm kernmantle rope: For added flexibility this simple to rig ascender is ideal for use on 10.5-13mm kernmantle rope depending on your application
  • High strength aluminum construction: Extruded aluminum construction with anodized finish for superior corrosion resistance, stainless steel model also available for specialist applications

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