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Smooth Operator: Learn why the Petzl ZigZag Mechanical Prusik is your next best investment.

Arborists are raving about how easy, smooth, and intuitive this climbing tool is!  Climb with confidence and ease with the Petzl ZigZag Mechanical Prusik Make rope climbing and limb walking a breeze by getting the best tool to add to your climbers’ bag of tricks! Touted as one of the best mechanical prusiks for tree […]

Meet the Zubat 330mm Pro Saw, Silky’s best selling curved pruning saw!

Learn why this particular size is the most popular in the market among arborists worldwide.  The Silky Zubat 330mm Pro Saw rules them all     Without question, the Silky Zubat 330mm Pro Saw is the tool of choice of professional tree care companies. Have you tried it already? Only maximum performance and efficiency can […]

Don’t miss out on this Limited Edition release from Clogger!

Check out our top pick: Clogger Gen 2 Chainsaw Trousers –  Limited Edition Pink Zeros (Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes)     Clogger has released a limited number of Zeros… in Pink! We are excited to announce that the brand that gave you the first lightweight, chainsaw protective trousers is now hosting a worthy […]

March Madness Sale

It’s time for our March Madness sale and we’ve rounded up some great savings across the board from tree climbing harnesses to chain sharpening tools and chainsaw trousers. We’ve also included best-sellers like karabiners and pulleys. And if that’s not enough, how about some great savings on the recently released treeMOTION Super Light Harness. So grab a bargain […]

Types of Tree Climbing Harnesses

Safety should always be a tree climber’s no.1 concern. With the range of risks inherent in the business of working at heights, selecting an appropriate tree climbing harness — and knowing the different types of tree climbing harnesses available — should be common knowledge among arborists. There are essentially three types of tree climbing harnesses: […]

How to Start a Chainsaw

To get the most life from your chainsaw (and more importantly — for your own safety), it is important to know how to start a chainsaw properly. Firstly, the chain brake should be activated when you start the chainsaw. Many chainsaw models can be started in what is known as half-throttle position. The chain can then rotate […]

Different Types of Chainsaws

When selecting the proper chainsaw, it is also important to know the different types of chainsaws. Chainsaws can be broadly divided into the following groups: 1. PROFESSIONAL SAWS. Chainsaws with maximum performance and optimum ergonomics. Designed for professional full-time or part-time use. 2. ALL-ROUND SAWS. Robust chainsaws. Built as professional saws, but with a slightly […]