Enjoy more versatility and better efficiency with the DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe

Great for reducing friction in rigging, during improvised rescues, and compact mechanical advantage systems.
The DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe is versatile, tough, and extremely flexible.

Made of lightweight Aluminum (yet extra tough and sturdy), the Revolver Rig is an innovative pulley-and-wheel connector rated for heavy loads.

DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe

This new karabiner equipped with its pulley system is much larger and sturdier than its predecessor DMM Revolver, and is a versatile device that excels in any running rope system to increase efficiency.

DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe_2

Featuring a high efficiency roller bearing sheave, a (removable) threaded captive bar, and a full-strength textile friendly becket. The DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe is designed with a uniquely-profiled spine and captive bar which greatly helps maintain correct orientation, as well as a keylock nose for smooth operation.

With a maximum rope diameter of 7-13mm, and MBS of 25kN, the DMM Revolver Rig LockSafe is what you need for your rigging systems:

  • Large sheave tread diameter for large bend radius
  • High efficiency roller bearings
  • Keylock nose for snag-free operation
  • Full-strength becket accepts most karabiners or direct textile connection
  • Removable captive bar
  • DMM ID optional
  • Uniquely profiled spine to aid correct orientation

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