Get more savings with the awesome Edelrid Cambiumsaver!

Save the trees and keep your rope looking and working good for longer.

The Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolor will deliver heaps of savings versus buying new ropes!

If you haven’t heard by now, the Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolor is a nifty tool that is also a great investment. Have you tried it already?

Strength and efficiency is practically guaranteed by this friction saver, which is to be expected coming from the company that developed the first Kernmantle climbing line. Edelrid’s best-selling cambium saver performs excellently with its slick and dependable tree care and rope care product.

The Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolor is both mobile sling and belay anchor for climbing ropes.

Designed in two colours, hence the term “bicolor”, the Edelrid Cambium Saver is great for work and recreational climbs, and is a great basic ring-and-ring friction saver for tree climbing

Installation and retrieval from the ground is a lot easier with the matching smaller black and larger blue rings.

You will love how easy and seamless it is to use the Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolor Blue-Night. At a good length of 120cm, it gives you the ease of use you need working with multiple trees, all without any issues when it comes to climbing and retrieval.

Here are the reasons why the Edelrid Cambium Saver is such a bestseller:

  • Differently coloured aluminium rings and dual-coloured webbing allow quick and easy rigging and removal from the ground
  • Wide webbing prevents the Cambiumsaver from twisting
  • Large and small eyelets for ropes with spliced ends (splice is attached to the small eyelet)
  • Ring diameter large ring (inside / outside): 40 / 64 mm
  • Ring diameter smal ring (inside / outside): 28 / 53 mm
  • Length discrimination by different tape colors