Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolor Blue-Night 120cm

Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolor Blue-Night 120cm




The Edelrid Cambiumsaver was developed especially for tree care use. It is an innovative mobile sling anchor as well as a belay anchor for climbing ropes.


  • Differently coloured aluminium rings and dual-coloured webbing allow quick and easy rigging and removal from the ground
  • Wide webbing prevents the Cambiumsaver from twisting
  • Large and small eyelets for ropes with spliced ends (splice is attached to the small eyelet)
  • Ring diameter large ring (inside / outside): 40 / 64 mm
  • Ring diameter smal ring (inside / outside): 28 / 53 mm
  • Length discrimination by different tape colors


Weight: 0.51 lbs

Length: 47.2 inches


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