DMM Perfect-O Alloy Karabiner LockSafe



Perfecto Alloy Karabiner LockSafe.¬†Is a true oval compact connector that minimises the eye-to-eye length while maintaining its usability and easy one-handed operation. The O shape makes an effective centring of loads and the fully rounded rope bearing areas increase carabiner and rope longevity. It is DMM’s smallest Locksafe gated carabiner it is shorter than the Ultra O by 15mm yet still retains a strong construction. Available in standard and removable captive bar versions, with or without iD.


  • Keylock nose allows snag-free operation
  • ¬†Fully rounded rope bearing areas
  • Locksafe


Conformance: EN12275:2013, EN362:2004

Weight: 66g

Gate opening: 15mm

Dimensions: 95 x 56mm

MBS (Major axis): 24kN

MBS (minor axis): 7kN

MBS (gate open): 7kN


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