Rigged for reliability, strength, and safety: Rock Exotica rockGrab RG2

Secure your lifeline flawlessly with this excellent rope device.
Rescue, rock climbing, rigging, and mountaineering has never been smoother.

Are you looking for a rope ascent and descent partner for keeps? You can trust the Rock Exotica rockGrab RG2 will keep you easily moving, and always safe and sound!

Enjoy a climb with a system that won’t fail you. Users testify to the rockGrab RG2’s dependability and ease of use, saying “I trust my life to them every time I climb without a second thought.”

The axle rests entirely within the body giving the grab a slim profile free of any annoying external bolts or pins

An advanced version of the traditional rope grab, the Rock Exotica rockGrab RG2 keeps you on your rope, preventing accidents and possible injury. It is meant to be left on the rope. You won’t even feel it–it’s one of the lightest grabs you can grab (pun intended!) in the market today.

Climbing has never been so easy and efficient with this gem. lock securelyMuch like other Rock Exotica products, the rockGrab RG2 is built solidly and impressively, holding up to wear-and-tear and abuse. The rockGrab is a compact rope clamp/grab designed to be semi-permanently attached to the rope, or to be used when it is possible to thread the end of the rope into the device.

The Rock Exotica rockGrab RG2 (Straight Jaw) is winner, boasting of these functional benefits:

  • body is milled along the side to remove unnecessary material, making it one of the lightest grabs available
  • body and jaw are CNC machined from solid aluminum alloy and anodized
  • axle is stainless steel, featuring the Curved Cam Interface pioneered to clamp the rope over a larger surface area than traditional rope grabs

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