SAFETY NOTICE – Teufelberger Slaice Rope

We care for your safety!

Information on checking [slaice]® rope end terminations

For reasons of design, the [slaice]® is slightly tapered below the seam in the area below the product label. Usually, this taper is continuous with a harmonious transition and you do not feel any step.However, because of a deviation in the production process, some of the delivered products

However, because of a deviation in the production process, some of the delivered products now exhibit just such a palpable stepped transition below the seam in the area of the taper: at this point, the core is missing. This is correct and intended in the area of the eye, but at this particular point, it constitutes a deviation from the standard [slaice]®.

This deviation does not imply any safety risk. In case of a stepped transition, the new product still, features a breaking load of 15 kN (which corresponds to a weight of approx. 1500 kg), but the rope does not achieve the holding time of 3 minutes at 1500 kg as required in EN 1891 A. Simulating normal wear (chafing and/or laboratory weathering with UVB-313 lamps and condensation), we did not identify any remarkable loss of the breaking load at the defective point.

Nevertheless, we ask you to check your ropes with [slaice]® before you use them the next time (cf. Section 3 and Section 5 of the Manufacturer’s Information): To this end, push the product label approx. 10 cm downward and feel the rope around the circumference, starting at the seam, until approx. 10 cm below. If you feel a noticeable step (several millimeters) under the cover, please discard the product, mark it clearly as not to be used anymore, and contact the manufacturer. If you are not sure, please contact the manufacturer anyway. We will check each case individually and make sure that you’ll get a rope with a correctly manufactured [slaice]®.

If your check clearly reveals a continuous taper and no palpable step, push the label back to its initial position and press it down so that it properly clings to the rope again!