Sterling RIT 8mm Thimble Prusik




Sterling RIT 8mm Thimble Prusik. Made for professional arborists, this unique and truly innovative Sterling RIT 8mm Thimble Prusik uses a tough RIT 500 construction with a high performing Twaron sheath with nylon core that delivers superior heat resistance and abrasion resistance.

This tool is mainly employed on the work positioning lanyard as a floating mounting point, and works to enable you to run it single line without cross loading your carabiner.  The RIT Thimble Prusik is a friction hitch device, with its steel thimble offering a clean connection point and providing numerous options for adjustable anchors or connections.


  • Constructed with durable and high performing RIT 500 plus sturdy Twaron sheath
  • High resistance against heat and abrasion
  • Steel thimble sewn in place provides a clean connection point
  • Many options available for adjustable connections/anchors


Color: Natural Twaron
MBS Rating (lb): 5,418
MBS Rating (kN): 24.1
Certification: ANSI Z133


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