Vallorbe 7/32 Sharpening Kit



Vallorbe 7/32 Sharpening Kit. Included in this handy kit are all the right tools needed for you to maintain your chain and guide bar. All tools of the VALLORBE 7/32 SHARPENING KIT are secured in a sturdy practical tool pouch available in 3 different sizes.


  • Swiss made
  • Complete 3/16″ / 5.5 mm chainsaw sharpening and maintenance kit
  • Comes in a durable roll pouch that bundles neatly for quick storage and easy transportation


  • 1 File Guide – guarantees regular and consistent sharpening
  • 2 Round Files (both of the same diameter) – these help you get smooth and precise sharpening without burrs
  • 1 Flat File – this tool lowers the depth gauges and debur the guide bar
  • 1 Handle – this is angled at 25 and 30 degrees help you to maintain a constant cut angle on links
  • 1 Depth Gauge – this guide lowers all of the depth gauges to the same level (0.65 or 0.75 mm)
  • 1 Bar Groove Cleaner – this galvanized cleaning tool helps remove sawdust that may disrupt the lubrication of the chain


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