The Extreme Snake Protex Chaps Will Save Your Life.

Snakeprotex™ goes Extreme and is now more protective, hardy, and puncture-resistant than ever! 

The Extreme Snake Protex Chaps is your next indispensable outdoor safety product

Leg model wearing Snake Protex Extreme gaiters

Do you trust your current gaiters? These Snake Protex Extreme gaiters have undergone rigorous testing by Adelaide Hills Snake Catchers, Geoff Coombe (Herpetologist) & Venom Supplies Australia.

The result of over 12 months’ investigation, design, testing, and alterations, this is pair is designed to protect the lower leg (covering your knee to your ankle) from Australian snakes.

Now the world’s leading Snake Safe gaiter, the Snake Protex Extreme pairs have been pitted against the Taipan, Eastern Brown Snake, Mulga Snake, Tiger Snake, Red-bellied Black Snake, and Southern Death Adder. In these torture tests, not one snake bite showed any venom penetration through the gaiters’ proprietary garment assembly.

Snake biting on Snake Protex Extreme fabric to conclude "chew test"
The world’s most venomous snakes are no match for Snake Protex Extreme. The “Chew Test” showed no venom penetration, even microscopically

Sporting a range of features such as adjustable boot straps allowing for a better fit amongst a larger range of different boots and shoes, adjustable top leg straps allowing for a firmer, closer, and safer fit, SnakeProtex™ Extreme gaiters are now more versatile than ever.

With its water repellent tendencies and tougher 900 weight denier external black fabric, the new gaiters now offer you even better protection from snake strikes while looking like every day work-wear and lasting the distance.

“In all cases when a snake bit the gaiter on the model leg or bit the gaiter separately, no venom was detected on the inside of the gaiter, even when examined under magnification.”

Outperforming similar, current products available on the market today, the Snake Protex Extreme will likely save your life from the next deadly snake bite.

  • Built with a hardwearing 900 weight Denier Poly fabric with PU coating outer layer
  • Equipped with four layers of Nylon for the most puncture-resistant material for your chaps
  • Gives you peace of mind with an added waterproof membrane that stops venom from soaking into the inner lining
  • Perfect fit with an adjustable boot strap and top leg strap
  • Clip over the zipper provides better security
  • Approximately 450g per chap

You deserve the best protection that science can offer. Click here to secure your pair of the Snakeprotex™ Extreme gaiters now!