The Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw’s Great Performance Features

Enjoy the best of both worlds from the Hayauchi and Zubat saws in one new product!
The oval-shaped Silky Forester has an extension range of 2.2m – 4.5m and folds compactly, is no hassle at all to transport, and stores very easily. 



With all product development efforts come innovations and improvements to help make each new offering more user-friendly and certainly more efficient… Enter the Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw!


The Forester Pole Saw is lighter than the Silky Hayauchi saw, and much like the Zubat Pole Saw, it is a lightweight and professional telescopic pole saw offering strength and precise control in equal measure. Equipped with an oval Aluminium alloy pole, the Forester bears a noticeably longer and also stronger blade than the Zubat. 


Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw

The oval shape reduces pressure on the pole which causes bends and breakages


This awesome saw is so light you can bring it with you as you climb, should you choose to do so. With the Forester, you gain a greater pruning range while doing away with more cumbersome heavy equipment. Since it is is designed with two extension poles, it can prune at greater heights while still being very manoeuvrable and so easy to handle.


Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw

The curve of the blade is ideal for pruning branches in a high or low position


What makes this a true gem is its curved 380mm blade with its precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth (standard teeth ratio of 7.5 teeth per 30mm). As with some of the other Silky saws, the Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw works with MIRAI-ME style teeth (Smooth Cutting technology), which cuts exceptionally cleanly and smoothly, all while allowing no damage to the wood. This non-sharpenable blade has been impulse hardened on the cutting tips, and you may not even need to replace in some years to come.


The Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw is one of the best things you can use on the ground and in the tree, with novel and impressive features and benefits:

  • Blade length: 380 mm
  • Teeth: large (7.5 teeth per 30 mm)
  • Bright Red color makes it clearly visible
  • Rigid plastic blade guard locks onto the blade for extra protection
  •  Pole-end shock absorbers on base poles plus a comfortable rubberised over-grip ensure good hold and control
  • Shorter extension poles making it more compact
  • Two built-in locking systems on the telescopic design: spring-loaded locking button and friction clamps work in synergy to guarantee a strong and stable pole extension
  • Extension range of 2.2-4.5m


You won’t be disappointed—Invest in your own Silky Forester 4.5m Telescopic Pole Saw!