Top Pick For Innovative Rigging Gear: The Sterling BARC

The BARC is comprised of full-strength individual T9800 nylon loops that form an adjustable rigging chain.
Sterling’s Basal Anchor Rigging Chain is incredibly strong and versatile.

The BARC works well with a Port-a-Wrap or other friction-brake lowering devices

This comes highly recommended by professional arborists–and with good reason! The Sterling BARC has a great grip, relatively takes no tie and untie time, is easier to setup than loopies, and is definitely guaranteed to make your work less stressful.

Ultra strong, the BARC has an MBS of 6,182 lb. Each single loop comprising the chain has a strength rating of over 11,000 lbs. This adjustable chain webbing is strong at any length. Get it in either Yellow (5′) or Red (8.5′). On the ground on in the air, the BARC performs extremely well and is ultra efficient.

The BARC is available in 5’ (Yellow) and 8.5’ (Red) lengths.

Use the BARC as a canopy anchor, basal anchor, or for knotless rigging. This grips the tree bark extremely well, and doesn’t seem to slip as easily as a rope anchor. Employ this when climbing, or use this as rigging attachments. Any way you use it, this brilliant product will come in handy and save you a ton of time.

Buy one… Or two! You won’t regret it.

The Sterling BARC-Rigging Web Chain is a top quality anchor system designed to offer you these functional benefits:

  • Great all-around tool for arborists
  • Made with 9,800 tensile strength, 1-inch flat webbing
  • Works well with a Port-a-Wrap or other friction-brake lowering devices
  • Has an overall Minimum Breaking Strength of 6,182 lb (when pulled in a straight line or in a choker configuration)
  • Each individual loop has a strength rating of over 11,000 lb
  • Can be used on the base as well as in the canopy

Time to make life easier. Click here to select your size and grab the Sterling BARC now!